Our Services


Just as our trademark and slogan states Imagination + Reality” every building project starts as a concept in the mind of the client which is transformed by an architect into a plan all of which can only be brought to reality by an expert in building construction. This is a summary of what we do in Turbo, turning into reality the imagination of our clientele and consultants. We make the drawings on paper evolve into the desired shelter of our clients by paying attention to details, adhering to standard practices in the building construction industry and giving our projects the best of finishes that transcends the imagination of our clients.



Civil works are an essential part of every building project from the land scapping to the construction of sewage treatment systems to drainages and other works needed for the efficient running of the building; we provide a total solution to ensure the delivery of our projects.

Facilities Management

There is no culture of excellence without a sustained maintenance culture; to ensure the longevity, serviceability and beauty of our projects, our facilities management unit ensures that our projects are always in good shape to serve the need of our clients to the optimum. The maintenance works ranges from the electrical and mechanical works, Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (HVAC), civil works and all other routine works needed to keep the structure intact.

Redevelopment and Retrofitting

The built environment is a very dynamic environment with the introduction of new concepts and designs, improved interiors, fittings and finishes; modifications, redevelopments and retrofitting are needed to keep the building in the trending style and also ensure better comfort for our client. These value adding services is part of what we engage in at Turbo to ensure our clients get their property to serve their needs.